Honey & Abundance

L'ape regina wades in a pool of honey that oozes from a honeycomb.  Trying to recreate a sense of larvae somewhere in the painting, perhaps the silver leafed part will help me achieve an opalescent quality.   Copper leaf was added to random nests cells.   I have one compound eye and shall begin on the ocelli in the next Christmas days. I'd like to see some bees collecting nectar.  Contemplating flowers...My favorite springtime is in Switzerland when the streets are flooded with yellow pollen.

Painting 4.  The Queen Bee - This panel is a journey home to the honey pot of Switzerland.This series of the Elements - Humbled by Nature is a fusion of styles; abstract and figurative, morphing people I know and places I've lived to create my own mythological archetypes in surreal landscapes.  I paint on heavy large linen panels which eventually hang loosely,  to evoke the feeling of Italian tapestries.

oil on canvass board 30 x 40 cm 2014