Karolina Fund

The Karolina Fund is a creative crowd funding platform. It makes sense to use this platform for the purpose of placing orders and for managing production of the art shawls. By placing your order sooner than later you help facilitate the possibility of going into production earlier than planned. This is an all or nothing campaign which means, that if my goal is met we go to print. if not you are reimbursed by the Karolina Fund. Prototypes of the new designs Gaya Mother Earth & Pele The Fire Goddess can be viewed in my studio or on the images provided. These resplendent custom art shawls drape elegantly and are a blend of 45% cotton and 55% viscose, digitally printed and tailored at Fattorseta in Italy.

Orders & Production

Since the production of Siren the Mermaid I've received dozens of requests for the Fire Goddess. The company I order from has increased their minimum order from 50 to 300 pieces. This amount is more than I anticipated qua transport, storage and initial investment. Which is why I am offering a discount to the 1st 20 BULK orders placed. You may choose how many you want from Gaya Mother Earth, Siren the Mermaid or Pele the Fire goddess. It is also possible to order just one shawl.

Your orders give me a clear indication of how many and which of these lavish art shawls should be produced.