The Elements Continue

This series of the Elements - Humbled by Nature is a fusion of styles; abstract and figurative, morphing people I know and places I've lived to create my own mythological archetypes in surreal landscapes.  I paint on heavy large linen panels which eventually hang loosely,  to evoke the feeling of the exquisitely woven paintings I saw in Villa Borromeo.
This panel is a journey home to the honey pot of Switzerland.
Painting 4.  The Queen Bee

Painting 1: Siren The Mermaid
The first painting in this series is of a mermaid  La Sirenia, Siren or Hafmeyjan in Icelandic, who is swimming in the Borgarnes bay in Iceland. Her sextant drifts in the swells behind her.  She swims in the splendor of Hrongkelsavik bay in Borgarnes, among the plankton and lump fish (also known as the sea owl.  The mermaid is self portrait although it's also the face of my daughter.  I morphed selfies with images of Bernini's magnificent statue The Rape of Proserpina which stands in Galleria Borghese in Rome.

Painting 2.  The Fire Goddess
The second painting is of the Hawaiian fire goddess Pele.  One of my first treasured stories was the adventures of the shape-shifter Kamapua'a and his romance with Pele. These legends and the islands endless color variations are engraved in my palette.  The figure in this painting is a portrait of sculpture by a turn of the century artist Leonardo Bistolfi.  "A Segantini" La Bellezza liberata dalla materia  translated beauty liberated from matter.

Painting 3. Mother Earth
The third panel is of Gaia the Earth Goddess praying to the coastal Redwoods in California.  These ancient giants hallmark my teenage memories and high school graduation in the Mount Tamalpais state park. - perhaps I am also praying for a diploma.  This is also a self portrait using fetal position photos and photo if the roots of trees from last visit home.

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