At Home with Photo Travel Magazine

Many thanks to Stefan Ludwig and Kai Pohlkamp from Photo Travel Mag.  In spite of fainting=fake painting which is why I am laughing so much, these fabulous photos show the genuine joy I have in my studio and how at home I am in Iceland.  Hope to see you both again it has been a great pleasure!

Last winter and spring, documentation and applying for grants resulted in two generous cultural grants from SSV Samtök sveitarfélaga á Vesturlandi.  One of which will be used for the construction of an exhibition in Borgarnes and the other was for BFF Borgarnes Film Freaks.  Although I am not actually painting, I AM sewing seeds for future projects.  In just a few days the prototypes of the new Pareos will arrive from Italy hand delivered (heart heart).  Endless proposals to the summer school programs together with teaching workshops shows real interest in the arts in Borgarnes.  Finally I am back on track with learning Icelandic and Italian and slowly mastering how to file taxes in Iceland - which is a high point of self education.  The digital sketch above is one of the three designs I'll be painting this summer in Borgarnes.